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Exit Planning Systems

We’ve now discussed exit planning at a high level and some important points like price, terms, legal, etc. This video discusses non-legal things to tighten up to maximize your purchase price as a seller. This would include, among other...

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What You Need to Understand about Tax Basis

You already know that taxes are complicated. It’s why so many people pay to have professionals handle their taxes every year. But tax basis calculation is one of the concepts that people tend to have the most trouble understanding. Part of the problem is that this...

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Exit Planning Deal Points

A lot goes into selling your business. Putting aside market conditions, the more prepared you are, the better price and terms you’ll get in a sale. This video outlines at a high level the deal process from beginning to end, starting with...

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Exit Planning Overview

"You set the price, and I will set the terms" is the age-old saying when it comes to selling a business. The price is not paramount when it comes to exit planning. The terms are. Lots of things go into how how the price and terms are set....

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Succession Part 2

Succession planning starts with goals. Common goals of business owners are that they want to retire. They may want to sell and then retire. They may want to have the next generation of management take over while they are alive and before...

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Succession Part 1

Business owners often fumble the handoff of the biz to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Getting things in order in advance can maximize the amount of the value of the business that goes to your family, if that’s what...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The two prior videos delineate why litigation is a long and expensive process. There are a few alternatives to litigation; mainly, mediation and arbitration. Each is distinct from the other and has advantages and disadvantages to each...

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