We believe that everyone has the fundamental need to be heard and understood; that trust and confidence takes time to develop and requires communication, consistency and reliability, always with integrity. We strive to form lifelong relationships and to provide a personalized and refreshing experience because we are invested in their journey and their success.


We provide a personalized and refreshing experience by delivering premier advice and service. We are attentive to clients’ needs and goals and are always accessible and responsive to their questions and concerns so they can confidently make informed decisions. Our team is comprised of personable, empathetic and diligent individuals, which uniquely enables us to mindfully counsel clients through challenges, and help them strategically traverse complicated family and business dynamics.


We provide sound, pragmatic and holistic counsel and advice to clients in a diverse range of issues that seriously affect their families and businesses. Such issues may include helping families flexibly navigate disability and death; limiting liability; minimizing taxes and the time and expense of guardianship and probate proceedings; addressing current family and business conflicts; preventing future family and business conflicts; thinking through inheritance and fiduciary appointments; keeping assets in the family; providing for special needs beneficiaries and beneficiaries suffering from addiction; protecting assets for generations; and planning now to reduce the risk of litigation later. We also administer estates (probate) and trusts and help clients protect their assets. As a boutique estate and business planning law firm with offices in Florida and New York, we are more than attorneys; we are trusted advisors, and we’d be delighted to assist you.