Medicaid Planning

Long-term care refers to caring for the elderly or those who cannot help take care of themselves in their everyday lives. Stand-alone insurance policies that can cover the expenses for full-time or part-time aids and other resources, like housing and nursing, were common in years past. Because so many people need long-term care, these policies were became a loser for both the insurance companies in terms of payouts and insureds in terms of premiums. Presently, long-term care coverage is more frequently addressed using life insurance policies with long-term care riders.

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Medicaid Planning

In either case, long-term care planning is an important part of estate planning. Unfortunately, not everyone is able or willing to incorporate that into their estate plan before the need for a nursing home arises. Nursing home costs can, consequently, be the biggest financial threat to the elderly population, especially without proper planning. Fortunately, however, it’s never too late to get some relief in this regard.

Navigating the world of Medicaid to enter into a nursing home can be very tricky. It’s important to have a knowledgeable attorney that can assist you in this process.

Qualifying for Medicaid Long Term Care in Florida means being:

  • A Florida resident, and
  • A US national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien, and
  • Blind, or
  • Minimum of 65 years of age, or
  • Disabled.
  • In either case you must also meet the financial requirements set forth by Florida Medicaid.

During a consultation, we will discuss the Medicaid financial eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Asset limit (depending on marital status)
  • Income limit
  • Which resources are exempt (non-countable)
  • The effect that gifting of assets has on when you will qualify for Medicaid assistance
We will also discuss the best legal planning strategies to protect your assets, while still qualifying for Medicaid, in order to provide you the care for the longest time possible. This may include converting countable assets to excluded assets.

Medicaid can be a great benefit to assist with the costs of long-term nursing home care and it is important to know all the options to help you make the right decision to get you qualified. We will make sure you’re informed on what Medicaid covers and what it doesn’t cover and if your protected assets can be used to fill in those gaps.

We understand that time is of the essence and look forward to assisting you through this challenging time.